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Paul Claydon

Paul has been partner-dancing for almost 23 years, commenced his Lindy Hop journey in the late 90’s and has been teaching Lindy & Shag for over 14 years.

Paul has been continuously taught and gained inspiration for his dancing from international and veteran teachers for the last 17 years and sees improving his dancing and teaching as a life long voyage of discovery.

He has been imparting his experience to 3 regular classes every week as well as running the Dance marquee at the famous Twinwood Festival for the last 8 years and choreographing and performing his original routines at the festival since it’s debut in 2002.

Paul continues to teach all over the UK in Lindy Hop, Shag, Peabody, and more as well as specialist workshops in lead/follow, connection etc, Dips ‘n’ Tricks and more, but his heart lies predominantly in Lindy & Shag.

While teaching technical elements of the dances, his focus is on encouraging students to have fun and to quote an international teacher: “if you don’t go wrong on a social dance floor, then you are not trying hard enough”.

Paul’s always tries to encourage dancers to attend as many sources of social dancing as possible at such events as JATW, Maytime Messaround, Hullzapoppin' - swing dance events all over the UK and abroad as well as so many 1930/40’s events now available, and is proud to have created a group of dancers that do exactly that stemming from his own classes.
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