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Joanne Yeoh

Joanne started attending SwingFit classes in February 2019 and was immediately hooked! When it came to exercising, it was important for Joanne to feel at ease within a group of people, to enjoy herself, have music she liked and easy-to-follow routines. How lucky that she discovered SwingFit, which ticked all the boxes!

She decided to be a SwingFit teacher because she loves the music and routines, and it’s the only dance-fitness she's experienced where she is smiling from start to finish. And as a SwingFit teacher she can share this wonderful dance-fitness to as many dancers as possible!

SwingFit epitomises the community spirit and you will be guaranteed a beaming smile and warm welcome when you come to her classes! Once the music starts, and you start to dance along, it’s an hour of fun and you leave feeling totally uplifted.

As part of DJam, come along to Joanne's SwingFit taster class at Elvet Methodist Church Hall on Saturday 25 January at 09:30. This will give you an energy boost, ready for the weekend's workshops.
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Lindy Jazz HQ, Brancepeth Close, Durham DH1 5XL
Member of Foundation for Community Dance 2848
Member of the National Dance Teachers Association