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Andy and Joo-Lee

Andy & Joo-Lee

Andy and Joo-Lee, organisers of DJam were the first Lindy Hop and Blues teachers in the northeast of England.  Since then they have been teaching together for over 13 years, introducing thousands of beginners to Lindy Hop. They are well known for helping new dancers to feel instantly at ease by providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Their teaching is inclusive, thoughtful and insightful with plenty of technique that emphasises the quality of movement. They have a natural ability to break everything down so that even the most anxious novice can gain confidence and overcome any fears they may have about dancing. Above all, they make learning a lot of fun.


Apart from organising swing dance related events, each week Joo-Lee teaches three SwingFit and two Lindy Hop classes. She also teaches the piano and flute. So you see, she is very passionate about both Dance and Music!
Dancing became a big part of her life about 25 years ago when she decided that she needed to get fit. She went to a Lindy Hop and Charleston workshop with the Jiving Lindy Hoppers in 1994 and that was it, she was hooked!
Dancing has changed her life and this has motivated her to want to share this sense of community and belonging with as many people as possible.
Through dancing, Joo-Lee has had the opportunity to become involved in so many interesting projects including being asked to choreograph dance scenes for TV dramas. In 2018, she approached by BBC One to be one of the ‘County Durham Swing Dancers’ which is shown during the announcements on BBC One.
Although it's very exciting to dance for TV and stage performances such the International Brass Festival, Joo-Lee's main passion is in teaching. Transforming the absolute beginner into a confident social dancer is one of the most joyful epxeriences in life!

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Lindy Jazz HQ, Brancepeth Close, Durham DH1 5XL
Member of Foundation for Community Dance 2848
Member of the National Dance Teachers Association